Winner of the VMobile LoadXtreme BMW Raffle Promo


They said that if you want to have your own car, you need to work hard for it, but not for VMobile LoadXtreme. Last July 31, Team Peewee conducted a promo for every Technopreneur and new members that will allow them to have their own BMW car – it’s the VMobile Philippines’ BMW Raffle Promo.

All you have to do is to endorse VMobile to another person who will get a 3D Fast Track Package and you will already get a raffle ticket – 1 for the endorser and 1 for the new member. On September 8, Team Peewee will be drawing the winner and one lucky member will be able to take home a BMW car. There were at least 600 tickets to be drawn and I have 10 entries for this promo, but unfortunately, I was not as lucky as Noemi Ruiz.

VMobile LoadXtreme Raffle Promo Result

Noemi Ruiz joined VMobile three weeks ago and doesn’t even have anyone under her team. She bought a 3D Fast Track Package, meaning she only has one ticket for the raffle. My chances of winning the BMW car was 10 times higher than her chances, but guess she’s really that lucky to have her ticket number picked. Well, raffles are not based on the number of entries that you have, but rather your luck during the time of the raffle.

Winner of VMobile LoadXtreme BMW Raffle Promo

If you are going to ask every Technopreneur, who were able to buy their own car, how much they’ve bought their car, they’ll answer you that it only cost them P3,988, but Noemi Ruiz can tell you that she got her BMW car – through VMobile LoadXtreme – just by spending P11,964; literally. Not everyone can win the raffle, and yes, I felt frustrated for not winning the raffle, but that’s just how it is. I guess I’ll be able to have my own car through VMobile using my own earnings in this business.

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