VMobile LoadXtreme’s Exclusive Smart Product

VMobile LoadXtreme and Smart VM300 and VM500

How much are you spending for your cellphone load on a monthly basis? An average Pinoy consumes P25 per day for their cellphone load, which translates to P750 per month. VMobile Philippines members previously will get P75 discount for a similar consumption just by availing the product that the company is offering. However, there is something that will even be more beneficial for its members and anyone who uses prepaid load will find this offer really amazing.

Starting Sept 1, 2012, all VMobile LoadXtreme members will be able to use the latest product of Smart called VM300 and VM500. VM300 gives you unlimited texts to all network with 30 minutes of call to all network/landline for 15 days or P20 per day.  VM500 on the other hand will give you unlimited texts to all networks and 90 minutes of call to all network/landline for 30 days or P16 per day. Will you be able to find a Smart call and text offer that could match this VMobile LoadXtreme exclusive offer?

VMobile LoadXtreme and Smart VM300 and VM500

Availing the VMobile LoadXtreme product

In order to avail this product, all you have to do is to change your current SIM card to an MPower SIM and download the menu. Just text LXTM to 5986, and wait for the confirmation that you’ve already downloaded the VMobile LoadXtreme Menu. Once you’re done with it, search for the LoadXtreme menu inside your Smart menu and click “Load”. After this, you will be taken to another menu and choose “Load to Self”. Enter your ID Number and your PIK, and you will be taken to another menu where you will be able to choose from VM300 and VM500. Make sure that you have enough loadwallet credits before you avail this product, and that you are already a member of VMobile Philippines.

It’s that easy for a Technopreneur or Technouser to load-up and enjoy one of the benefits of being a member. Of course, there are a lot of other advantages that you can get from it, and if the VM300 and VM500 sounds great for you, then you will be more interested with it if you found out that you will also make money from using any of these product. Watch out for the next update as I will talk about the advantages of VM300 and VM500 as a myTURF product and how you can make money with VMobile LoadXtreme just by using it.

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5 Responses to VMobile LoadXtreme’s Exclusive Smart Product

  1. ACE MARK says:

    Good evening po. ask ko lang po kung pwede tayo mag supply ng load wallet para sa mga smart load sim retailers?

  2. leziel pilapil says:

    sa vmobile makapagbinta po ba ng maliliit na amount kagaya ng alltxt 10 ang deduction nyan sa loadwallet ay 9.92 something like that and no need extra load to send..

    • Dave Orinday says:

      Good Morning Ma’am Leziel, I’m Dave Orinday a Vmobile Technopreneur and an Administrator of this website. Yes, Ms.Leziel any amount po and kahit anong subscription po ng mga TeleCommunication company is meron po si Vmobile. saka po ang kinaganda po ng Vmobile ay isang Load wallet lang para na po sa lahat ng network yun at iba pang prepaid products. ganun po kaganda si Vmobile.
      pwede po tayo mag-usap tungkol sa negosyong ito para po mas mabigyan po kayo ng mas malinaw na explanation.
      maari nyo po akong ma-contact sa numerong (0908-316-0098) o kaya naman po ay add nyo po ako sa FB account ko daveorinday616@yahoo.com

  3. Bro.Michael says:

    tatanong kolang po kung okey na po ba ang system ng vmobile mabilis na po ba dumating ang load kapag galng sa retailer sim?…thanks..pls reply

    • Good Morning Sir Michael, Yes po at wala naman pong nagiging problema sa system ng Vmobile. dahil Upgraded na po ang ating system at meron na pong system na pinapadali ang pag-Operate ng mga members nito.
      we can talk more about the business and I can answer your inquiries and question, you may contact my number anytime of the day.
      God Bless!

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