Repost: Ismael Bengco III – VMobile Philippines’ President and CEO

This post is a repost from the Facebook status of VMobile Philippines’ President and CEO Ismael Bengco III. It contains all the updates, innovations, and changes that every VMobile Philippines members can expect in the near future.

You can view the official statement by clicking this link or simply read it below.

It’s been quite a while since I last posted updates about VMobile. As always, perception is always skewed by the presence or absence of information so here are some updates based on facts that are worth noting:

1. SMART SPECIAL UNLI DENOM (VM300 and VM500) for M-Power SIM Subscriber: We have successfully passed and completed the User Acceptance Test (UAT). We are now at the pre-production test stage prior to launch.

2. GLOBE POWER PAY PLUS (P3): VMobile is finalizing with Globe G-Cash for alternative commission payout option so you can transfer your earnings and withdraw from any ATM.3. GLOBE G-CASH BILLSPAY: Another service innovation to improve reload of LoadXtreme account is underway. With BILLSPAY, reload of your account can happen instantly without the need to send deposit or transfer information.

4. MALAYAN INSURANCE: Using online or mobile phones, you can avail of a 30-day PADD coverage with provisions for earning REWARDS/INCENTIVES from purchases of other Technopreneurs or TechnoUsers in your network. Introduction of this product will follow after the launch of Smart VM300 and VM500 happening this August.

5. UNIONBANK VISA DEBIT CARD: To address the concern of OVERSEAS subscribers of VMobile, Unionbank will provide card and payment solution so that earnings in myLX can be conveniently transferred to Unionbank account which can be opened or registered ONLINE. This is a sure way to ACCUMULATE myLX earnings. Get the Unionbank VISA Card and withdraw anywhere in the world.

6. HIGHER GLOBE AUTOLOAD DENOM: VMobile is working with Globe Telecom for HIGHER (e.g. P300 and P500) OTA denom which will be made available under LoadXtreme and myTURF.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal subscribers for their continuing support and patronage of service resulting in higher Cash Collection (over P220 million) and prepaid product sales in July despite LOWER subscription sales compared to June.

VMobile continues to foster growth despite the worries, apprehensions and concerns about VMobile’s myLX program after the corrective measures for TSB Adjustment Payment have been applied.

There are many groups who have experienced LOWER and ALL-TIME LOW sales and SLOWER growth but there are also teams who have shown REMARKABLE growth during the same period of time. We have reflected on these observations and realized (and learned too) that LEADERSHIP matters during tough times. And that REAL LEADERSHIP is measured NOT by WHAT and HOW MUCH ONE KNOWS but by the AMOUNT OF COMMITMENT and DEDICATION one gives in carrying through rough sailing.

I am equally thankful to the Board of Directors and management team of VMobile for their amazing skills in navigating through difficult times. It is really inspiring to see how the worst of the situation can bring out the best in a team regardless of the perception and judgement of ONLOOKERS. It takes REAL INVOLVEMENT in real issues and situations to appreciate and admire the strength and sacrifices of a team.

Lastly, I strongly believe that the upcoming products of VMobile will once more demonstrate and differentiate VMobile from the rest. One of these glaring and differentiating factors is our RELATIONSHIP with the telcos. It is what we have now that others are WANTING to have but are unable to achieve. We are also guided by our unique philosophy that other do not FULLY UNDERSTAND. We call it INCENTIVIZED CONSUMERISM. Clear understanding of this philosophy enabled some groups to keep their network generally INTACT, SOLID and MOBILE.

We expect to see spectacular growth for the last quarter of 2012 when all subscribers EXPERIENCE the benefits of incentivized consumerism. And despite challenges, VMOBILE IS UNSTOPPABLE. After the success of SOLID National Sales Convention (NASCON), UNSTOPPABLE is the next theme and focus of our upcoming NASCON.

This statement only shows that VMobile Philippines is still a strong company and will continue to move forward despite the hardships that we may encounter. Through incentivized consumerism, we will all move forward and will continue to provide better future – both in finances and time – for our business partners. I am looking forward to you, my next business partner, and I do hope that you will give me a chance to prove to you that I can help you grow in VMobile Philippines and provide you with the support that you need for your business.

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