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Updated: May 25, 2013

VMobile MyLife Pro

Is the latest program of VMobile Philippines that incentivized consumerism to all their members (Technopreneurs and Technousers). This program offers a different kind of compensation, and is promising to empower your daily consumption. The reason why people need to get into VMobile MyLife Pro and start making money with it, is because you will have the chance to give your family and friends a discount on something that they are consuming on a daily basis – prepaid load.

The Philippines has more than 90 million cellphone users, and 90% of these consumers are using prepaid load, which means that VMobile has a target market of at least 81 million, but that’s only for cellphone users. Take note that our company offers more than 300 prepaid products, including PLDT, BayanTel, Cignal TV, Dream Cable, Sky Cable, Smart Link, Smartbro, Sun Broadband, Malayan Insurance, Level-up Games, E-Games, Amped, Mobius, Starcraft II and more. This is the reason why we can say that the target of VMobile LoadXtreme is huge, and is continuously growing – or should we say innovating.

Business owners and business-minded individuals know that a great business runs on a product that is necessary for people and is consumable – both are what VMobile Philippines is offering. In fact, the product of the company is now considered as one of the basic needs of Filipinos worldwide! About 5 years ago, we were told that people only have three basic needs; food, shelter, and clothing. But an investment company saw the need for cellphone load, and they bought the system called LoadXtreme to build a business opportunity that will give every prepaid load consumers in the Philippines a chance to grab a piece of the revenue that giant companies are making; hence we now have VMobile Technologies Inc.

Basic Needs Image of VMobile Philippines

Would you agree if I say that cellphone load – or simply prepaid load – is now considered as one of the basic needs of Filipinos? Prepaid load is so important that a person can live without food but not without load, right? If you were given a chance to build your business – through VMobile MyLife Pro - on one of the basic needs of Filipinos without spending more than ₱ 5,000, would you let the business opportunity pass?

VMobile Business Package

MPower Kit of VMobile Philippines by Team LFS

Technouser cards are extensions of a Technopreneur card, and will give consumers an access to lifetime discount on load – same with a Technopreneur. These extension accounts have access to LoadXtreme, and can be sold for ₱300.00 (with VMobile M-Power SIM Card). Since you will get 20 cards in each account, you’ll get a total of ₱6,000 just by selling these cards! You already got your investment back and still have access to 6 more ways to make money with VMobile LoadXtreme! But that’s not all there is to these cards!

These Technouser cards are tagged to a Technopreneur account, and whenever a Technouser consumes load, the Technopreneur will get an override of 1% up to 2%. Let’s say each of your Technouser consumes ₱100 worth of load every day, multiply it by 1%, and multiply it again by 20; from this income stream, you’ll get ₱ 20.00 per day or ₱ 600.00 per month or ₱ 1,200 per month for 2% override! But that’s only one of the seven ways to earn as a member of VMobile Philippines, not to mention that it is also the “smallest” income opportunity that you can get from this business.

VMobile LoadXtreme Compensation Plan

Image of the VMobile MyLife Pro compensation plan

7 Ways to Make Money on VMobile MyLife Pro

Do you still think that VMobile is not a great business opportunity? We’ve only discussed 2 out of 7 ways to make money with VMobile Philippines, and you already made ₱6,000 one-time and ₱600 to ₱1,200 per month! Your lifetime load discount is also one of the ways to make money in VMobile MyLife Pro. Let’s say that you and your family can consume ₱150 worth of load every day – that’s a total of ₱15.00 savings per day and ₱450 per month without even doing anything.

With an investment of ₱4,999.00, you already have a monthly income of ₱1050 to ₱1,650 per month, and a one-time income of ₱6,000! How good is that?

The business opportunity that you can get from VMobile LoadXtreme is huge that you can make anywhere from ₱500.00 up to ₱30,000.00 per day! What kind of day job will give you a salary of ₱30,000 per day or ₱900,000 per month? Will you be able to build a business that will allow you to make as much as ₱30,000 with an investment of ₱4,999? No. none. zero. nada. ziltch

Is VMobile Philippines a Scam?

How can VMobile Philippines give you this kind of opportunity and still be able to be in profit? Isn’t it too good to be true? Maybe, this is yet another type of a scam that we can find everywhere?

Quick Overview of Vmobile PhilippinesYou’ve probably watched TV Patrol or 24 Oras, right? Do you have an idea of how much multi-national companies are paying for a 30-second commercial during these TV shows? More or less half a million pesos! Not to mention that they will still be paying endorsers and advertising agencies to create their TV commercials.

Huge companies are spending that much, but they are still in profit; why is that? Because brand awareness is worth more than the amount that they have to spend for TV commercials combined! Spending millions to build their brand is something that traditional businesses need to do, but there’s a better option to promote a brand – “word of mouth marketing”.

With VMobile LoadXtreme, you are the one to promote the product. Instead of spending money on the service of TV Patrol or 24 Oras and instead of paying for the talent fee of famous actors and actresses, why not give it to more people in order to give them a chance to reach their dreams? This is the idea behind VMobile, and is the reason why there are millions – or even billions – of pesos worth of potential income with LoadXtreme that is combined with the power of MLM!

Legality of VMobile Philippines

Of course, nobody would invest his/her money on a company that is not operating legally or does not have the documents that prove its operation to be legal. VMobile Philippines is a registered company, ensuring that you are with a company that has all the legalities necessary for a business to operate.

DTI Certification of VMobile Philippines        SEC Certification of VMobile LoadXtreme

Business Permit of VMobile Philippines        Barangay Clearance of VMobile LoadXtreme

Penta Capital Management Corporation's Certification for VMobile Philippines

Aside from the legal documents, VMobile has received an award from the largest telecommunication company in the Philippines – Smart, which is also the biggest partner of VMobile MyLife Pro. If you were Smart, would you acknowledge the operation of a company that is not operating legally or is not a profitable business partner? Would you give a “Key Account Sales Award” to a company that doesn’t deliver great results?

Award of Smart to Vmobile Philippines

Company Behind VMobile MyLife Pro

VMobile Philippines is operating legally and has a profitable business model, but who is the owner of this company? Is there a parent company that can absorb financial difficulties whenever there’s one? You bet there is! And it’s not some cheap company that only has one business here in the Philippines. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you – Penta Capital Investment Corporation!

Can you see the companies that were placed below Penta Capital? Are these companies operating on a small scale? No they’re not! In fact, they are some of the biggest companies here in the Philippines. But did you know that Penta Capital is responsible for financing the major projects of these companies?

If companies such as Manila Water, Cebu Pacific, MRT, Shell, Petron, KFC, 7-11, Alaska, ABS CBN, San Miguel Corporation, SM Prime Holdings, and JG Summit Holdings Inc. are relying on the financial assistance of the owner of VMobile LoadXtreme, do you think VMobile is not financially stable?

Now that you know the potential income that you can make from being a member of VMobile; now that you know that this business opportunity is operating legally; and now that you know that VMobile Philippines is very stable financially, do you still have a reason to think that VMobile MyLife Pro is not a good business opportunity?

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